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Muckross House
& Gardens

Departing from the town centre or your hotel, We set out the old Kenmare road. On our way we see the entrance to the Earl of Kenmare’s Demesne. Next we cross the Flesk bridge underneath which the Flesk River flows into the beautiful Lough Leane. A slight right turn guides us over a wonderful bridle path with a stunning view of the MacGillicuddy’s Reeks Mountain Range. We pass one of Killarney’s oldest hotels, the Lake Hotel, which incorporates the ruins of the McCarthy Mór castle at the rear of the Hotel.

We now enter the Muckross Estate where we obtain an excellent view of Castlelough Bay. Here we see a full view of Lough Leane with the mountains serving as a backdrop. We cross Herbert’s Bridge which dates back to 1878 just after which we get a great view of a little island on Lough Leane. Up ahead on the left, Muckross Abbey awaits. It was founded around 1448 by Donal McCarthy Mór for the Franciscans. It was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in 1654. After passing the Abbey we pass through dense woodland of pine and hardwoods. On our left Muckross House catches our eye for the first time. As we near the House we instantly understand why the Herbert Family picked this location, with Muckross Lake to the left and the Stunning MacGillicuddy’s Reeks Mountain Range in the background.

The 18th century Victoria house is now a museum. Its garden is second to none. Over 1 million visitors flock to see this house every year. There is a relaxing 30minute stop here and you are free to walk around the gardens or have a coffee in the restaurant. For those who want to go into the house, we can arrange for a coach or taxi to collect them at a later time which suits them. On the return journey we go by the traditional farm and Muckross Abbey. The approximate time of the entire journey is 1.5 hours.

Additional cost for taxi if you wish to stay longer around Muckross.